Relationship Management VYTT specializes in Integrated Strategic Communications (ISC) planning, Corporate Reputation Management (CRM) and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) consultation. The company is well networked to add value to your advocacy programmes with media, government and influencers. The company works with both small and large organisations and has an extensive history with blue-chip companies, regional governments, international NGOs and UN agencies.

The directors and partners together hold over 50 years of professional experience working through periods of volatility and change in both developed and emerging markets. They make it their business to be clear on what their clients really want by asking the right questions, listening and carefully sounding solutions that are relevant for the specific business culture and its external environment.

VYTT's relationships in the Caribbean and Latin America run deep and the company is well networked to create meaningful and productive relationships for its clients. VYTT has affiliates and partnerships throughout the Caribbean, Latin America and in Africa. VYTT is the parent company of Virtual Editors© a multi-regional on-demand 24-hour writing and editing service.

Our company designs and implements a range of image and reputation strategies including non-technical risk evaluation and mitigation plans, advocacy mapping, communication tools and services. The company also conducts stakeholder assessments and designs responsive social programs to bolster corporate reputation. The team at VYTT is experienced in working with senior leaders and in developing appropriate coaching and mentoring frameworks, to develop the attitudes and capability of senior managers to make the changes necessary for success; and to try innovative solutions to the challenges of communicating effectively with employees and external audiences - with measureable impact.

We are a reliable and highly regarded resource for leaders in business, government and civic organisations seeking to reorganize, rebrand and reposition in the current socioeconomic environment; and for Communication and PR professionals seeking to up their game or to add other seasoned professionals as on-demand resources. The company has conducted extensive training and coaching of Communication and PR teams to be more effective, tackling from the most basic to the more complex of issues with equal care and attention.

VYTT takes pride in its professional integrity and binds itself by contract, to ensure utmost confidentiality to its clientele. The company seeks out and is valued by companies and organisations which hold to sound business ethics and codes of conduct.

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