Communications Strategies & Audits

Strategy & Planning: For Strategic Communications consultancy, we are your source for creating targeted, highly effective communications and engagement plans. Our work has helped to advance organisational objectives, and managed brand and reputation in a persistently unpredictable market place for a number of blue-chip companies, international organisations and dynamic small businesses. Our recommendations are informed by site audits and real-time engagement.

Reputation & Relationship Management

Reputation & Relationship Management Branding & Reputation: VYTT provides comprehensive multi-media capability to deliver timely messaging, improved corporate image and managed public relations challenges for industries such as Oil and Gas, Finance, Travel and Tourism, Service Companies, Sports, Medical and Manufacturing; as well as civic groups, NGOs and international agencies. VYTT's work has guided innovative interventions in advocacy design to expand company opportunities and safeguard revenue by rehabilitating business reputation and transforming corporate images into highly recognised and admired corporate citizens.

Relationship Management: The VYTT's team cultivates and owns productive relationships with media, senior government officials and industry leaders at all levels. This makes VYTT an indispensable business partner for executives. VYTT consults in the area of strategic country relations with government, community leaders, media and academia, building stakeholder alignment at national levels. The company also creates strategic plans for communications and public relations teams to integrate reputation and relationship management initiatives with employee or internal communications objectives.

Corporate Social Investment (CSR) Consultancy

Corporate Social Investment (CSR) Consultancy VYTT's specialist onboard has broad global experience working with a number of international UN agencies, regional governments and private sector institutions. We can help you to consolidate your corporate efforts to create brand distinction through your social investment programs. Let us help you to:

  • Create Strategic CSR Plans that are aligned to business objectives
  • Develop stakeholder engagement plans and manage your stakeholder relations
  • Tailor community investment to be aligned to corporate policy and practice
  • Measure, monitor and build capacity with NGOs and community groups

Executive Coaching & Culture Change

Executive Coaching &  Culture ChangeCoaching & Mentoring: VYTT delivers vital communications coaching for executives and business leaders, adapting training formats to account for cultural variations. The company uses technical tools in the areas of communications measurement, planning and performance-monitoring which are valuable for global knowledge-sharing and to conserve assets. VYTT is adept at facilitating cross-border collaboration for synergised communications and common process.

Organisational Communication: VYTT provides mission-critical advice to assist with employee communication during organisational change associated with reframing global operations, policy changes or new business initiatives. The team works with in-house communications professionals to help shift behaviours and attitudes, and to reengineer corporate culture using a range of communication tools and channels. VYTT also conducts bespoke training sessions to improve team capability and performance to meet business needs.

Publications & Editing Services

VYTT's publications and editing service is managed through Virtual Editors©. Virtual Editors is a team of professional writers and editors with years of academic and corporate experience offering the best possible standards of work. Virtual Editors is a confidential, exclusive 24-hour service provided by a team of professional writers and editors drawn from a wide range of disciplines and working from various global locations to respond to your various writing and editorial needs. The Virtual Editors team has years of academic and corporate experience. You are guaranteed the best possible standards of work when you do business with us.

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